Thursday, June 25, 2009

come on already

OK, so if you ask my husband he would say that I was a bit OCD. I'm not. Well, not completely anyway. I like things in they're place and I love organization. I'm not always that way and I'm learning to deal with it as I get older. I am busy all the time and I don't always have time to organize.

But this is getting a bit rediculous. Its Thursday. Saturday hubby should be moving everything left here, out. Sunday I'll be cleangin my patootie off and Monday is for shampooing carpets and such. Tuesday is the last day and the walk thru. Then, freedom. OK, not freedom. But no apartment....ever!!

I'm a bit excited.

I have so many plans. I am picking out themes and colors for my boys rooms. I've always wanted a purple room. I really don't have a space to do that, so I get my laundry room to do what I want with. LOL. Maybe I should put a massage chair in there. Ha ha. Thats actually a good idea! But I'll get to paint it purple and do what I want. Yea!

So life has been hectic over the last few weeks. But I've really enjoyed this time with my husband. We've been together for 11 years now and you'd think we'd know every last thing and have the best relationship. But its taken a lot of years and ton of hard work to finally get along. LOL. Its not that bad. Anyway, for the first time in our marriage I feel like we are finally on the same page. One of us has always been reading ahead, or not following the 'outlilne', and after 9 years of marriage I really feel like this is the right time for us! We are happy, in love and so excited. Its fun to see Josh excited about something. He's not the 'get excited' type, so this is fun for me. He's been working sooo hard too. At work, and around here. I love it!

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos. Lucas is doing great. He's starting to sit up a bit. -If I prop he there- He can stay on his knees for a little while too. He's starting to put his knee up to get there on hus own too. I'm a proud mama. He's getting his 5th tooth in today too. We've noticed the drool the last few days and its just popping through. This time- no side effects! Yea!

Help me up!!

drool baby!

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