Friday, September 12, 2008

So things are going really well over here at the Wakefield house. Little Lucas sleeps all night long. Well, at least I don't hear him if he is awake. (whoops) Everytime I check on him at night he is sleeping. Its pretty nice. Beacuse he has the g-tube, he gets constant feeds 24 hours a day, so there is no real hunger. That will soon change though. Today we had our swallow study and he passed with flying colors. They gave him a drink that they can see while they x-ray to make sure he doesn't aspirate any milk. Things looked good and so we get to start a few bottle feeds throughout the day.

Ok, so its been about 6 hours since I last wrote that and well, I have no idea where to pick up. Let me just say this. I love living here. I love that we have the best Dr's around. I love that Mount Rainier is the most magnificent sight, and I get to look at it almost daily. I love that when I drive to Seattle I get to see the most beautiful sky line and a gorgeous view of my mountain in my rear view mirror. That is what I thought about today on my drive.

I will post some more pictures tomorrow. Lucas had his first real bath yesterday. He does not like baths. Plain and simple. The kid also hates, and I mean hates his diaper changed. He has the most pitiful cry. He basically loses all sound and turns red and when he does wail, it makes you laugh. Poor kid. Other than that, he is pretty content. He loves his pacifier, which is really good. It wilk help when we transition to bottles. He is a fighter and we are so happy to have him home with us. And Joshua thinks he pretty neat too. He likes to pet him and hold his hands. He is turning out to be a great big brother.

Ok, so until tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful about the swallow study! It's such a relief to know our babies are protecting their airways like they are supposed to! Good luck with feeds! Stick with it and don't get disouraged :-) It could be a long road, but worth the time and effort.

Rebekah Moore said...

food for thought: do u know that mt rainier is the deadliest volcano in the states? (actually i think it was the world!). there's a chain of 13 (or 12) volcanoes from cali up to wa state and my rainier is the worst if it erupts b/c of the mudslides (technical term for those but i dont rememeber it lol). just info i saw on the history channel. and yes the view of it is gorgeous!
i am so happy about lucas being able to eat on his own soon! even if it takes a while, every huge milestone he crosses will bring u that much closer and him so much sweeter. keep up the good work, momma! ur doing a magnificent job!

The Wakefield's blog said...
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The Wakefield's blog said...

thanks girls. you both are so great about leaving me comments. i just realized that i could actually respond. (yes i'm slow)

becky- i could care less about mt rainier being a volcano. it won't errupt in my lifetime, and if it does, it might be cool. :) i'd rather be awe struck daily.

Gesch Family said...

I am so glad things are going so well!!! Congrats on being able to take him home!!! He is so beautiful Rachel!!! You are doing a great job Momma!!!! I am glad he sleeps through the night! What a sweetie Joshua is holding his little brother's hand! How cute!

Rebekah Moore said...

yeah i guess ur right, besides everything in this world is a potential risk to our lives! i'd rather enjoy God's beautiful creation too!