Monday, September 8, 2008


So yeah, forget that last post. I got a call from the nurse and she told me that they were keeping Lucas for another day or 2. He is not gaining weight and they want to play with his feeds a bit until he is gaining. Its just a litle funny, I think. We finally get all planned and together and we go back another step, again.
Joshua was going to fly to California for a few days, but there isn't any need at this point. We'll both be around for him and Lucas won't be home to help confuse things. Josh is still out of work too. Before it was fine because we were getting unemployment, but now that isn't coming in anymore. Ahh, life. Thankfully I have had a pregnancy where I was able to really learn a lot. I learned to not stress as much and let go of control (somewhat). So hopefully I can continue that way of thinking.
So I am heading back up to the hospital. Tomorrow I will stay home and clean and get everything ready (again) for Lucas to come home. All that cleaning and planning 6 weeks ago kind of got lost. So its needed again.

So I think that I will just wait to post again until I really have him here with me.


Rebekah Moore said...

what a huge let down for u! i'm so sorry he isn't home with u yet. on the other hand, u don't want him home before he's really ready. how sad would it be if u brought him home only to bring him right back? it won't be long now and he will be sleeping in his own little bed (or right by ur side!). i will keep praying for him and for u! lotsa love!

Heather McCann said...

It's frustrating, still exciting to know that you are so close to coming home! Hang in there and enjoy your last few days of round the clock will be quite different at home :-)

Raven O'Joy said...

I know its frustrating to play the weight game and get excited and let down. I personally had to be very firm with my NICU staff. I let them know that everything they were doing i could do at home. I let them know that she would be at the ped's office at the first sign o trouble.....Keep your energy up...i was in your shoes 6 months it really is a blur...We are thinking of you!

Also as a side note, i too was unemployed due to my pregnancy and had a hard time sending you extra prayers!