Friday, January 20, 2012


Lately, I've been finding myself getting in to some deep discussions of parenthood. As my kids get older and change, I am learning that my outlook on parenthood should change as well. Every kid is different and every parent, so no one can or will ever parent the same way.

My oldest child is a pretty amazing child. He has a lot of great qualities that I am thankful for in him. He is smart and friendly. He can be outgoing and reserved. He loves having friends and being busy. He is handsome and athletic. He is kind and thoughtful.
-- But with these great qualities he has, he is also stubborn and quick to react. He is sneaky and tricky. He is selfish and cocky.

Trying to figure out how to rein in his 'crazy' while teaching him to be a great man is tough. For one reason...he is constantly changing. He is growing and maturing. He is learning the lessons that I'm teaching. He is growing up.

There is also a struggle with raising a son as a single mom. Let's face it, his dad doesn't play a role in his life. I am not super sad that his dad isn't around. I don't think that he would actually teach many life lessons. Good life lessons, anyway. But that leaves the teachings of how to treat a woman to me; How to be brave and strong; How to suck it up and survive.

WAIT A SECOND HERE..... maybe I can teach those things. I have done them all!!!

I want my son to grow up and know that a woman doesn't need a man to take care of her. But that he should.
I want him to know that a woman doesn't need a man to provide for her.
But he should.
I want him to know how to love fully, share his feelings, be strong, kind, thoughtful, generous, confident, outgoing and reserved, athletic and articulate.

I have faith that the lessons I am trying to teach my son will sink in. I know that he will grow up thoughtful, kind and compassionate because of his little brother. I know that he will grow up strong and brave because he doesn't have his dad around. I know that he will grow to respect women because his mom used to live without it.


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