Sunday, March 20, 2011

What? A boyfriend?

Well, its true. I have a boyfriend! It sounds silly to me. I am 30, a mother of 2 and I have a boyfriend. Haha. I sound 18. But, on the bright side, I feel 18 too.

I wrote a little about him in my last post. His name is Brian. I met him a while ago, before I was EVER interested in having a boyfriend. We met and became really good friends. One of my best friends, actually. Once I moved here, we started to spend time together and our friendship grew. Its was amazing how well we seemed to 'fit'. We understand each other on a level I didn't even know existed. (Gosh, that sounds cheesy.)

B, as we call him around here, is amazing. I won't call him perfect, because he isn't. But there are so many things about him that are so wonderful. I think the most important thing about him, the most wonderful thing, is that he is honest. We talk about everything, no matter what it is. We are honest and straight forward with everything. We are older, and we see what lies ahead of us, so there isn't any use in hiding anything.

It's pretty awesome to have someone in your life who actually thinks you are amazing too. I know he likes me. I know he wants to be with me. Its something that I've never felt before, truthfully. I believe what he says, and that is priceless.

Another thing that is awesome.... he likes my kiddos. We've kept it very casual around them. They just know that he is the fun guy that comes around and plays and wrestles. So they think he's pretty cool too. But with me, comes them. I worried that I would never find someone who would someday, love me for me, and then love my kids individually too. But I didn't even have to search, he just showed up!!

I never knew a relationship could be like this. I never knew I could be so happy. I never knew that just being around someone could make me feel so secure, happy, and excited about the future.

I am so thankful for the timing we have. We met unexpectedly. We became friends unexpectedly. I feel beyond lucky to have him in my life.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are so very happy! I will say this is the exact thing I spoke to you at your old house, the night before you drove away... Be blessed my beautiful sister! I love you!