Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My husband is officially old! Well, OK, not really. But he's getting older every year!

Josh had his 31st birthday on February 1st. I can't believe it. The first birthday we celebrated together was his 20th! It just seems crazy. We had a nice dinner with his family as Red Robin (where else would we go?) and went back to his parents for cake and presents. I made him a banana cake. It was a mess, but it sure was tasty. It was just plain white cake, real whipped cream and sliced bananas. Yum. In my family growing up, we only had that cake when we went to grandpa's house. I can not think of another time we ever ate it. Good times.

Sweet, sweet Lucas

Here is Lucas' new trick. He likes to throw! Its cute, and I'm proud.

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