Monday, February 15, 2010

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Lucas has been sick for weeks. Crying, whining, fussy, snotty, coughing. Just one big mess, really. I think after all these months we finally figured out when he is teething, he gets really sick. Asthma, fevers, almost-take-him-to-the-hospital sick. Its getting old. Anyway, he was finally crawling around the other night being quiet and we didn't really think anything of it. We were all doing our own thing, so we weren't really paying much attention. We just assumed he was playing quietly. This is what we found.

Kind of looks like we torture him by not letting him sleep in a bed!

This has filled our last few weeks. Josh is laid off and its been extremely helpful. Getting a break when you have a sick kid is so appreciated. We even got a little trip squeezed into the mix. It was a re-do trip actually. The original trip was my friend and I taking the kids to Leavenworth for the night. Its a cute little Bavarian village in the mountains. We had hopes of relaxing, playing in the snow and walking around the quaint little village. But none of that happened. We got there and did a few errands after checking in. As soon as we got back and ate dinner, Lucas was sick. Not sure what happened, but I had to take him to the hospital that night. It was actually like 4 am. Well, Leavenworth has the smallest hospital in all of Washington state. Yea! And well, my kid is a bit special. I think they were scared just hearing of Lucas' medical history.

They eventually sent me to the bigger hospital in Wenatchee. We were only there for a little while. They gave him a breathing treatment and then vented his g-tube. After that we headed back to the condo and rested, finally. It was almost 10am when we finally got back. After that, we packed up and headed back. It was probably the worst trip I've ever taken.

The redo trip was Josh and I and the kids. We went back to Leavenworth, and I packed correctly this time! We stayed for 2 nights and really enjoyed ourselves. We went sledding and played in the snow. We went to a little family arcade and out to dinner. But mostly, we rested and watched movies. It was a really nice time with my boys.

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