Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a few new pictures. I finally got a small digital camera. Mine broke last year and we just never replaced it. I have my big camera which I love, but its just not easy with 2 little ones around. So now I am able to take more pictures.

I just wanted to write because my mom yelled at me to do it. There isn't much going on here right now. Just trying to get prepared for my trip back to NY. Mentally prepared that is. :o) Flying with both kids scares me a bit.
Anyway, Lucas is doing good. Just hanging out with momma and Joshua all day. We have a vision therapist that comes weekly and now an ocupational therapist that is coming too. They are both nice ladies and I hope that they can help. We have a bunch of appointments coming up before we leave for NY and then a few when we get back. After Christmas I am hoping that our schedule slows down a bit. I like not having Dr's apppintments every week.

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